Gimme Shelter


A Tail of Anger, Rescue and Redemption


What if someone special came into your life, someone who could see you and all of your camouflaged faults with utter transparency? What if that someone had four furry legs, a damp, nudging nose, and deep, longing eyes? What changes would you be willing to make?

     For nearly all of his adult life, Louis Spirito was a raging bull who exploded at the slightest provocation. Then he rescued Tanner, an abused, timid shelter pit bull that cowered at strange objects, flinched at sudden noises, and vomited whenever he was stressed – which was most of the time. Man and dog were polar opposites. For them to live together, one of them would have to change. Their journey wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t always pretty but this award-winning story will tug at your heartstrings.


“A wonderful, interesting and insightful book.” – American Dog Magazine


10% of the profits from this book go to animal rescue causes



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