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2014 B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree - Nonfiction

indieB.R.A.G. Medallion  – Nonfiction

“A wonderful, interesting, ands insightful book.” – American Dog Magazine

“In this sweet memoir, Spirito intersperses memories of his dysfunctional childhood with those of his adult life, including recollections of the love and companionship he received from dogs . The author struggled with anger management until a scarred, frightened pit bull changed his life. Without realizing it, Tanner teaches Spirito to settle down and enjoy life for its simplicities rather than looking for provocations that will elicit his ire. Spirito ends each chapter with information on topics such as preventing dog aggression. Much of the information revolves around misconceptions about pit bulls, and Spirito offers statistics and advice about these much-maligned dogs. Dog owners, especially those who enjoy the companionship of shelter dogs, will undoubtedly recognize the deep sense of love and gratefulness that Tanner has for his family—a love that transfers to Spirito in ways he didn’t expect, but that make him a better person.” – Publishers Weekly/BookLife

Gimme Shelter is an emotional read…Spirito is a gifted story teller and word crafter.  His ability to describe his experiences vividly and in great detail allows the reader to know him, Tanner and Eugenie.  It is a well written book and readers cannot help but connect to this family and Tanner.  This is a must read for all pet lovers! (5 Stars) – 

“GIMME SHELTER…is a memoir that is well-written and full of emotion. The characters portrayed are raw, imperfect, and in need of attention, just as real humans are. And the story propelling the narrative is one of heartbreak and recovery- a feel good, motivational tale of love and acceptance.” – PUBBED: Reviews of Literature

I loved this book! You don’t have to be a “dog person” to get the message hidden between the lines. This book opens a door to serenity and  a fresh appreciation of the precious gift of life. It’s a fun read written by a thoughtful man who takes us on his own journey of self-discovery that turns out to be ours as well. Great job!”  – Harry Hamlin (actor, author ‘Full Frontal Nudity’)

I highly recommend this book; it’s a great story!” – Tom Hilton (Host ‘805 with Tom & Sandy’, KVTA 1520)

“What I love about Gimme Shelter is that it is so brutally intimate.” – Megan Blake (PetlifeRadio, ‘A Super Smiley Adventure’)



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