According to an article in the Los Angeles Daily News, ‘kill’ rates plummeted this year at County Animal Care facilities, and are approaching a decade low. “Los Angeles Animal Services was on track to have put down 4,00 fewer cats and dogs in the fiscal year that ended June 30 compare to the previous year, with final numbers due out next week. “The city is poised for its best year of reducing shelter deaths and increasing the live-save rate since the city established it no-kill goal a decade ago,” said LAAS General Manager Brenda Barnette in a statement. “I believe this success belongs to all pet loving Angelenos.” That means groups like No Kill L.A. and their supporters like Kristen Bauer Von Straten who plays fetching, feisty vampire ‘Pam’ on HBO’s True Blood and stars in the latest NKLA ad.

Kristen Bauer Von Straten as ‘Pam’ on HBO’s True Blood

Finally, if you’re a member of the ‘dogs are great but people stink’ club, it might be time to rethink your misanthropy in light of a story by L.A. Times reporter Bob Pool about Martha Aguel, a homeless woman with two dogs, who rescued a North Hollywood man’s lsot beagle and then declined a reward, saying she was just “glad he had his dog back”. With help from the grateful dog owner, County officials are trying to get Martha and her two dogs, Chino & Nina, permanent shelter.