On July 10, Lou read from GIMME SHELTER and followed up with a Q & A for the juvenile probation students at Camp Miller. While they know him as a motivational substitute teacher, this gave the boys a chance to ask about the book, the writing process and his battle with anger. Afterwards, he visited the classrooms and talked about the opportunities available via KDP and CreateSpace to self-publish for no, or very little money. He tossed out a few intriguing story lines and offered to ‘give’ them to any student willing to run with the ideas. His presentation went so well that he was invited to do an encore this week at Camp Gonzales. In the fall, both camps will be using Gimme Shelter as part of a scholastic unit on the theme of ‘Discovery’.

Tanner & Lola (“‘She Was A Show Dog..”) Mazza

Switching hats on the fly, Lou went from speaker/writer to concerned citizen when he addressed the Malibu City Council, urging them to put an initiative intended to control local retail development on theNovember’s ballot. While he’s rarely at a loss for words, Lou admitted to being taken aback when he was asked to follow actor/writer/director and producer and Malibu resident Rob Reiner (All In The Family, Princess Bride, This Is Spinal Tap, When Harry Met Sally), who sponsored the initiative with his wife. In classic ‘dad’ style, Lou joked about having to “one-up the famous guy”. Then he made an earnest, humorous appeal to the council to honor the democratic process.
Rob Reiner
While most of our news involves dogs, books and related matters, we’re happy to give a hearty ‘Bravo!’ to our dear friend, John Mazza. A lifelong surfer who has amassed an impressive collection of boards, John generously loaned 15 of his vintage ‘sticks’ to the Mingei International Museum in Balboa Park in San Diego for an exhibit on Surf Craft. Richard Kenvin designed and organized the show which continues through December.

John Mazza, surfboard collector and historian

Here’s a YouTube tour of John’s Collection at the Pepperdine University Library. Below are some of the reviews and media coverage of the Balboa show: 


Summer…a time of long, lazy days spent lounging at the beach or pool, eating junk food and reading trashy novels (or moving dog books!). Hah! Tanner, Eugenie and I have been busier than ever trying to stay on top of work, book business and social events. That’s probably why we forgot to trumpet the fabulous article about GIMME SHELTER in the July-August issue of Malibu Times Magazine. Writer Michael Aushenker’s piece was very flattering and  the photos by our dear friend and ace photographer, Roxanne McCann, make us look like movie stars. That’s no great feat with Eugenie and Tanner, who always look terrific ,but I sure needed her magic. Roxanne began her career doing stills on film sets, and learned photography at the side of Academy Award-winning Cinematographers. Her photographs have been published around the world, and her fine art is in private collections in many countries. If you’re thinking about doing photos for a big event – a graduation, anniversary, wedding, book signing or just to have some great shots – you should give Rox a call.

Lou, Eugenie & Tanner @ Diesel Books, Malibu (photo by Roxanne McCann)

As someone who cares about all animals, pets and their wilderness cousins, I was heartened to read about the Malibu City Council’s vote to oppose the sale and use of rodentcides, which often harm our resident raccoons, possums, squirrels, bobcats, coyotes and birds. In explaining his support, a local rabbi, Levi Cunin, offered this quote from well-known book on Jewish mysticism, Tomer Devorah, by Rabbi Moshe Cordevero: “in addition… one’s compassion must spread over all creatures. Do not humiliate them, do not destroy them, for the Higher wisdom has compassion on all creatures, and its compassion spreads forth over all of creation, the inanimate creations (such as minerals) the vegetative creations (all plants) living creatures (all animals, mammals etc.), and the speaking creatures (humans). And for this reason our sages cautioned us regarding disrespecting our food source. This matter is noteworthy, for just as the Higher wisdom, does not waste any existence, and everything is made from there (the higher wisdom) as it is written “You have made everything with wisdom” so shall be the mercy of man on all of His workings, blessed be the source”. Amen.