Just like romance, that first book signing carries a special charge. That was true for Tanner, Eugenie and me at Diesel, A Bookstore the other night, where we had our fist author ‘event’. The SRO crowd of 50+ people included so many dear friends and family that I would need a separate post to thank them all. Instead, I’ll give a communal shout out – Grazie Mille! We sold every copy of GIMME SHELTER (If you weren’t there and want a copy don’t worry, they’ll be restocking or you can buy from Amazon or from us at According to reports, I gave a terrific reading/Q & A, and we were thrilled to present our first donation of the Gimme Shelter Campaign to Malibu Pet Companions, a local non-profit that provides heroic, free vet care for the animals at the Agoura Hills (L.A. County) Animal Shelter, where Tanner once stayed. A special thanks to MPC Board chief and volunteer extraordinaire, Robin Kahrs, and Dr. Lisa Newall from Malibu Coast Animal Hospital, Tanner’s doc, and one of the amazing veterinarians who donate their time and love to help the dogs and cats. If you’re feeling generous, maybe stop by the Malibu Pet Companions site and contribute. 
Tanner before his Coming Out party
Lou signs ‘Gimme Shelter’ for a fan

Eugenie and Lou with Tanner’s trainer, Tony Rollins

Dog park pals Wendy & Karen
Robin Kahrs president Malibu Pet Companions
&  Dr. Lisa Newall of Malibu Coast Animal Hospital
Eugenie and Tanner with Lynn Aime, of Disel Books, Malibu
Tanner greets friend and shelter volunteer Rob Lerner

‘THANKS’ for dropping by

Just wanted to send a quick ‘grazie’ to all of our friends, 2 and 4-legged, that checked out our first blog entries.  There will be more to follow, and a FaceBook page, too, but Lou needs to get busy.  In the meantime, I’ll be posting photos of some of my dog pals who appear in the book, and some who joined the gang later on.  Hope you dig them as much as I do.

LUNA ‘ The Girl Next Door’ (really)

Had a really crazy time at the dog park the other day, just five of us – me, a young gray Pit, a crazy brown Poodle, our friend’s beautiful Husky and some little dog that looked happy just watching us crash around. The Poodle was an ear-chewer, and found mine particularly yummy, until I gently told her to knock it off.  The Pit boy was interested in the other end, but I made it clear I don’t roll that way.  Not that there’s anything wrong with it (for you Seinfeld fans).