We’ve had all sorts of gracious feedback from friends and neighbors on the Malibu Surfside News feature but I wanted to mention two responses that stand out. One was a note from reader Diane Malecha, a longtime rescue worker, who has fostered many, many Pit Bulls until they could find permanent loving homes. She wrote to thank me for writing GIMME SHELTER and helping raise awareness of animals in need. We’re flattered but it’s we who thank her and her fellow rescuer, Sherman, of Sherman’s Place pet grooming in Malibu, for their extraordinary efforts. Without people like them, we’d have never had Tanner.

Burton & Malibu, two of 8 Pit pups fostered by Diane Malecha

The other amazing response was from a woman who read the story and called the paper to say that she was the good Samaritan who found Tanner wandering on Las Posas Road in Camarillo and later brought him to the Agoura Hills Shelter. We left our number with the paper and asked them to forward it to her so we could personally thank her for saving our boy. We’d also like to ask her a pressing question: How the heck did she get him into the car? As readers and anyone who’s met Tanner knows, he’s no fan of motorized transport.  from Gimme Shelter “Tanner’s an incredibly athletic dog–he can maneuver like Messi, run like Usain Bolt, and jump like Blake Griffin–yet he approached the rear seat like an octogenarian tackling Mt. Everest. On a good day, it took a minute for him to make the climb. On a bad day, you could read Moby Dick before he reached the summit.”

Wally & Zoolie, foster Pits that found a forever home thanks in part to Diane. 

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