As usual, Christmas was too fast, and too furious, at least for this pit bull. First, my parents hauled me across the canyon to Taco’s house for a late breakfast, then it was back in the car for a schlep to W. Hollywood and a visit with the Spirito cousins, Chris and Ingrid, and their sons, Jack & Dylan. After Lou stuffed himself on antipasto, homemade lasagna, meat balls, sausage and cookies, it was back on the road for a 2-hour trek to deliver Eugenie’s mom, Melissa, back to Palm Springs. By the time we rolled into her place, I felt like Santa after the Christmas push; I was too beat to even touch my dinner. The only bright spot was Lou sleeping on the aero bed, which meant I got to crawl in with him and spend a few hours snoring nose-to-nose. Can’t do that at home but that’s what holidays are for, right? It was awesome and I can see why mom likes to snuggle with him.

with Taco, aka ‘The Nasty Little Dog’

We came home to news that Diesel Books, our local mom & pop bookseller, had sold all their copies of GIMME SHELTER, which placed 16th on their ’50 TOP-SELLING BOOKS OF 2013′, ahead of some pretty big names. Word is Diesel plans to close its doors unless they find a buyer. Hope some literary angel steps up and keeps our favorite venue going.

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