Yes, we know we’re late with this but we were busy celebrating Lou’s Valentine birthday or, as mom calls it, his birthday month. It’s a lot of commotion but he’s a very good pet guardian who deserves the fuss. I didn’t get to go along but they started with dinner at the Sage Room in Agoura on Thursday, then lunch at Joe’s, Venice on Friday, take out pizza from Gjelina (also on Abbott Kinney) then a Sunday afternoon UCLA basketball victory over Utah (courtesy of Popito), capped off by a birthday feast at Gene and Sandra’s, complete with a Sweet Lady Jane chocolate cake. 
                                                                     ~ ~ ~
Since the past week was devoted to love and lovers, we thought you’d get a kick out of these stories that came across our desk. First, there’s a heartwarming (in one instance, moose warming) video about humans coming to the aid of animals in need. There’s also a side-splitting clip of a combative kitty, doing his best to deter the postman from the ‘swift completion of his appointed rounds’. Then there are these photos of a zookeeper’s mamma dog (I think a Canne Corso) that stepped in to raise an orphaned chimpanzee. So what if the new ‘pup’ has hands, not paws. 

‘All you need is love!’

Finally, take a peek at the shocking images I promised earlier. Be sure to shoo  the kids and puppies away before screening these. Don’t want to give them any ideas. 

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