It’s been awhile since our last post but we’ve been busy, working to launch the revised and redesigned version of GIMME SHELTER that grew out of our recent Pepperdine University experience. Given all of the clerical tasks and logistics – like uploading content and art, and redesigning websites and blogs – the process has been daunting, especially for Lou who’s more of a ‘big idea’ type that would rather be researching and writing.  Eugenie and I tease him that the book about a man who learns to overcome his anger has become a challenge to his progress!  Despite a few minor hiccups, he’s staying calm (a relative term), proving that I did, indeed, help him evolve. Our thanks to Pepperdine prodigies Jesse Segura and Klara Tomkins for the new cover, and to Timothy Mitchell, another Pepperdine ace, for helping rework our website For those of you who follow us here on Blogger, you’ll notice that Lou has tweaked that, too. Be sure to let us know what you think of all the hard work.


cover design by Jesse Segura & Klara Tomkins

Despite all the busy-ness, we’ve still managed to squeeze in a little fun at the dog park, where I met the cutest Shepherd pups who think I’m just adorable. One strange thing though; every time I start jumping on them, mom and dad scold me and tell me ‘get down’ and stop ‘humping’. In his most recent newsletter, Cesar Millan explains why dogs hump, and what to do about it if your pooch is out of control. According to Cesar, our grinding and thrusting can be sexual, social, playful, or a result of over excitement, and isn’t limited to just male dogs. If you’d like to know more, read the article by Josh Weiss-Roessler.

doing the ‘doggie mambo’

Finally, with Memorial Day having just slipped past, here’r a reminder to check out our pal Dan Cohen’s new book, SINGLE HANDED,  about immigrant war hero and Medal of Honor Winner Tibor, ‘Teddy’ Rubin. It’s a riveting yarn, and you wont’ be disappointed.

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