UPDATE: We posted this on December 10, 2015. Since then we’ve learned that Rex was returned to Best Friends when the couple decided they weren’t a good fit for him. It’s a sad turn of events but, in keeping with our mantra, we will keep writing about him until he finds the permanent, loving home he deserves.


In traditional karate,we end each class with a series of mantras meant to help focus our commitment to the art. The last one reads, “Never give up.” Well that applies to Life and dog rescue, too. More than one year ago, Santa Maria California animal shelter volunteer Connie Kruse contacted me asking for help in placing Rex, gorgeous people that had been house there for 18 months.  we passed his info around and cross our fingers. Several people applied to take him, but. for various reasons, the adoptions all fell through. This past May Connie and her team brought Rex to the Best Friends/NKLA mega-adoption in Los Angeles where he was transferred to the Best Friends shelter in West LA. In the hope that he might fare better there. Sometime around Thanksgiving, after 762 days in two shelters, a loving couple gave him a forever home. Another dog lover and friend of Gimme Shelter  Erika Brunson, stepped up to pay the adoption fee. 

Rex – Merry Christmas!

It’s a great ending to a long, difficult story, but Rex is just one of thousands of dogs in need of loving homes. If you’d like to do something to help the others, consider donating money, dog supplies, or your time to a shelter or rescue group working to save dogs like Rex and our Tanner. As many of you know, since we published Gimme Shelter, we’ve donated a good portion of the profits to rescue groups like Healthcare for Homeless Animals (formerly Malibu pet companions), Karma RescueBest Friends Animal Sanctuary ( currently running a $2-$1 matching drive),  Canine Adoption Rescue League, and Linda Blair’s (yes, The Exorcist’s Linda Blair) Worldheart Foundation. Who knows, you might have a hand in saving the next Rex. Thanks to Connie, Erica, Best Friends, and the Santa Maria Shelter for never giving up. 

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