After a long week spent building a website, dabbling with FaceBook and tweaking proofs for the paperback edition of GIMME SHELTER, Eugenie, Tanner and I had an awesome playdate with our friends, Robby and John, and their ‘kids’, Lola and Porter. While the dogs ran roughshod all over the property, we humans shared a bottle of wine and and the local news. Like every visit, much of the dog time was spent tussling over toys. When we were leaving, Robby and John surprised Tanner with a slew of rubber toys – hotdogs, birds, truck tires – that her dogs so nicely agreed to share. Poor Tanner was crazed, longing to get at his new ‘babies’ and wondering why we would make him leave the coolest place on earth. Eugenie and I vowed to stash the toys and not to break them out until he’d trashed his newest ones, which were less than a week old. Hah! Barely an hour after we’d returned home, Tanner was splayed out on the living room floor, munching on a a slime-covered ice cream cone.

Tanner & Lola

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