Thanks to a loving nudge from Eugenie, this past Friday, January 25, I read an except from GIMME SHELTER at Bank Of Books, our newest local bookstore.  The manager, Ann Lambert-Vannoy Benoit and her daughter,  Krystyn Lambert, host monthly ‘author’ and ‘poetry’ nights, where local scribes get to read from their works or their favorite authors. The large, receptive crowd, included several friends and neighbors who’d come to lend their support.  Hopefully, this was just a preview of things to come.  My thanks to them, and to Eugenie and Tanner for making the evening possible.

For a great description of the scene at this welcome new addition to the community, check out the recent post by our friend and Malibu Times contributor, Alexis Deutsch-Adler.

@Bank of Books, Malibu, January 25, 2013

For anyone who’s thinking about following my lead and self-publishing, e-book or hard copy, I have two words: Kathryn Galan of WynnPix Productions. I was totally clueless about formatting, cover design and a zillion other details that left my head spinning until Kathryn stepped in. 
A writer, editor and former film executive, in a few short days, she had my manuscript formatted, designed and ready for publication.  Even better, she scoured my book, offering thoughtful edits that preserved my voice while improving the rhythm and flow of my prose.  She is nothing short of amazing and made a daunting process look like child’s play.

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