It’s been almost 6 weeks now since GIMME SHELTER went live. In that time, we’ve had a bunch of wonderful comments from readers who found our little ‘tail’ entertaining and inspiring. Tanner, Eugenie and I find it especially gratifying to learn that other people find understanding and comfort from reading about my ‘anger’ problem and how it’s possible to get a handle on it, even after so many years. 

Although we acknowledge them in the book, we want to give a shout out to some of the people who helped make the book, and my transformation possible: The staff and volunteers at the Agoura Hills (L.A. County) Animal Shelter for keeping Tanner safe until he joined our family. Kathryn Galán, for her editing expertise and formatting prowess without which this book wouldn’t exist. Dan Cohen, Davidson Garrett, Joe and Linda Simone, dear friends, talented writers and sharp-eyed readers whose encouragement and suggestions helped me immensely. Gary Horn, my pal, screenwriting partner and fellow
curmudgeon for insisting I keep on scribbling no matter what. The late Caren Bohrman, a terrific agent who loved her writers, even the temperamental one. 

Dr. Judy Dunn, Dr. Zari Hedayat, Dr. Andrea Brandt, and Dr. Fran Walfish for their invaluable insights into human psychology. Trainer Tony Rollins, for helping Tanner and me reach our full potential. Dr. Lisa and the staff at Malibu Coast Animal HospitalRob Lerner, CPDT-KSA, and Howie Baker, DVM, for their help with the sidebars. Senseis Andy Diaz and Mel Pralgo whose priceless instruction and wisdom kept me from going over the edge. 

Tanner @ ‘The Farm’

My in-laws Melissa, Gene & Sandra, Stephanie & Ernie and their son, Armand, for their love and encouragement. My parents for the lessons they helped me learn. My sisters, Honey and Mary, and my brother, Tony, who rode the childhood rapids with me, for their emphatic love and support. Debrah Caraway for her rescue efforts and the photo collage of Tanner. Carl, Roberta & ‘Charlie’, Robby, John & ‘Lola’ and ‘Porter,’ Hiroshi, Bonnie, Wren and ‘Winnie’, Zari, Ahmad & ‘Dexter’, Dani, Rich & ‘Kona’, Doug, Jeanne & ‘Ceba’, Bettina & ‘Otto’, Olivia & ‘Nikita’, Fernando, Mia, ‘Reina’ & ‘Lucy,’ and the gang at Malibu Dog Park for graciously sharing their friendships and dog toys with us. Ed King and the gang at A Course In Miracles for taking me into the fold and helping me “see things differently.” 

Finally…Tanner, an amazing dog, terrific companion, and my 4-legged therapist, for his gentle, healing, soulful nature that helped me discover my better self. Finally, Eugenie, my wife, best friend, and the love of my life, for always believing in me when I didn’t deserve it, and sticking by me until I saw the light.

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