Like lots of writers and bloggers, I keep a file of stories I find interesting that I might want to share. In an old issue of Cesar Millan’s newsletter, I came across an article by Sarah Kosinski Cope about how she went from Pit Bull phobic to become a staunch advocate for the breed. Her ‘change of heart’ was so dramatic that she even started a non-profit that fosters and places Bullys. If you have a moment, check out COHPBR on Facebook. 
For a change of heart of the two-legged variety, how about Laker forward Meta World Peace, formerly Ron Artest. In an LA Times piece, irascible columnist T.J. Simers details how the former ‘thug’ and NBA pariah, who was suspended for a charging into the stands and brawling with rowdy, drunken fans, has become a self-controlled model citizen. As we angry guys know, it’s a hard feat to accomplish. Hats off to Meta/Ron, and here’s hoping the  Lakers make the playoffs. 

Eugenie and I with ‘the Dog Whisperer’ @ the SHARE benefit, Santa Monica, 2008

More ‘thank you’s – In the last post I forgot to mention Tony Greco from Screenwriter.com, and Ron & Justine Fontes at Sonic Publishing for plugging GIMME SHELTER. Also Sveetie, Zari, Sophie, Davidson Garrett, Bonnie Saito, Lisa Malta O’Leary, Paul Cheesman, Linda Nocon and Andrea Knipe for taking time to review the book.

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