Since November 2011, when his foster mother, Carla, was forced to move, beautiful MARLEY has been living at the Canine Rescue & Adoption League (C.A.R.L.) of Ventura County. We’re hoping one of you can change that. Carla says that Marley is “big and strong but extremely loving and gentle. He had do be taught how to bark by my girl pit, and even then he rarely barked. He never destroyed anything in the house or dug in the yard.  He got along great with my girl pit and even my sister’s male Yorkie, who lived with us. I am attaching pictures of him from the C.A.R.L. website, # 3731. He would  make someone a wonderful pet if they gave him a chance.” Carla would welcome calls or email from anyone interested in him. Her number is 805/302-8428)”

ps – We met Carla at Barnes & Noble in Thousand Oaks where she works and where we had our book signing on August 3.

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