Although school has already started for some unfortunate kids, Tanner wanted to spread the word about some terrific books he’s gnawing on. First is JIMMY & ME by Lew Bracker, who takes a fond look back at his brief but poignant friendship with the Hollywood icon, cut off before his time. Then there’s Sarah Bracey White’s PRIMARY LESSONS, a memoir of a young African-American girl who was “ripped from her middle-class lifein Philadelphia and transported to a single-parent household in the South where she refuses to accept the segregation that tries to confine her.” Finally, there’s RUBY’S TALE by Patrick Bettendorf, the true rags-to-riches story of a thrown away pit bull and her journey from the trashcan to media darling. Tanner gives them all ‘2 paws up’, and he’s sure you will, too. If you haven’t yet read GIMME SHELTER, be sure to add it to the list. Tanner wants his friends to knwo that there will be no book reports and no one will be tested on the material. Enjoy.

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